Hello Apple Tree Family,

Amidst all of the turmoil surrounding the closures due to the COVID-19 Virus, I wanted to take a moment to reassure you that Apple Tree Productions will remain up and running.

However the impact on us, like everyone in our community, is not small.  We will need to make changes to our current season.  We have a lot of information for you about the coming months, but of course all of it depends on how things progress in our larger community. A lot of this information is tentative, and we welcome your input.


I wanted to share a great article recently published about Apple Tree’s after school programs. After School Education Article

With the closing of schools our after school shows have been postponed. As the timeline of school schedules gets confirmed we will get new dates to you. The show must go on!  We are confident that we will be able to find times and dates for all of our after school productions.



Since spring break is very different this year so we will need to make some changes to our spring break play, Godspell. As soon as we are cleared by our rehearsal and performance venues we can solidify new dates.  We would like to change from a one week intensive to Saturday morning rehearsals, tentatively beginning in late April and performing at the end of May. If this is not possible, we will add the show to our summer season.


Our summer season, which we were just about to announce, is currently set to run June 29th to August 2nd, doing only two shows. This is tentative and could change if we need to add Godspell to the lineup.. Rehearsals will return to the original format of 9am to 12pm, and 12:30pm to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday. Depending on when school ends, we may adjust these dates to fit students’ schedules.


No one has been saved from the impact of the COVID-19 Virus, including the licensing company we work with for our productions. We’ve been given word that licensing will be slow and unpredictable so it may take a bit longer to announce our summer season.

We thought we would do something we’ve never done before and get your input on the shows we are considering. Please choose two shows from the list.  We will do our best to take your opinion into consideration, but know that we also have to work with our licensing company to make sure the dates and shows we request will work.

Enrollment will begin as soon as we can secure licensing. I hope that regardless, you will add us to your summer calendar.


And finally…
One of the benefits for us in this situation is that we do not have a permanent building so it is easier for us to sustain ourselves even with this level of interruption.  Yet there is concern that enrollment may be low for spring and summer, even after group activities are deemed safe. Our community as a whole will survive this outbreak if we support each other. Apple Tree is a tuition-based, community supported program.  As long as students sign up, Apple Tree will continue. We hope you consider us a part of your family, and that we can continue to support each other going forward. We welcome your questions on all of these changes.  Though this may be a difficult time for us, and sad for our actors, we believe we can still continue all of our programs once life calms down.  We are dedicated to your students, and can’t wait until we can begin to create magic onstage again. We know our offstage community will continue no matter what.

 We hope you all stay safe. Know that you are in our hearts. Apple Tree will go on, and we hope you join us when it does.

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